LPG SEQUENTIAL SYSTEMS LPG sequential systems are electronically controlled gas feeding systems. The system is controlled by an ECU which controls the gas injection sequence and the timing. The LPG is injected through injectors directly into the suction pipes thus obtaining a particularly precise mix to optimise the combustion process.
OUR CREDIBILITY Established in 2003 today Economic Fules Car has become the leading professional Gas car conversion center in Central Travancore. We do guaranteed installation with only original Kit & Spares at original, approved specification ensuring 100% safety.
ADVANTAGES Retro fitment of vehicles to run on 'Auto gas' will be advantageous to the environment – as its exhaust, discharges less carbon monoxide it is pollution free thus helping control pollution in the country. An Auto LPG conversion will have the prospective to save motorists thousands of rupees.
LPG KITS – SAFETY FIRST LPG as an automotive fuel can be considered as safe as any other fuel which runs the automobile. how ever, as LPG as such being hazardous & the activity of conversion being done largely as a retro fitment, the government and transport authorities have laid the following rules & regulations to ensure safety

Our Gas Equipment is among the world leaders in designing and manufacturing components and complete system for vehicle conversion from gasoline to LPG or CNG and complete CNG filling station. All the production comply with most stringent international rules in force. We have brought the most modern alternative fuel systems to the market with a plan to become one of the leading suppliers of alternate fuel systems in India.


The prices of conventional fuels such as gasoline and diesel are increasing. Collectively, these two factors drive the development of alternative and more environmentally-friendly fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). Compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are receiving a great deal of attention and is being globally applied in vehicles.


The new generation mpfi cars can achieve the best performance only in sequential kits due to the fact that the vehicle remains multi point fuel injection in lpg/cng as well. No back fire problems thereby prevents damage to the engine, air filter assy, etc. Lower maintenance. Today the cost is prohibitive but over the next 2 years it is likely to be only marginally higher than closed loop kits. With the introduction of euro iv (bharat stage 4) norms in future, injection kits will remain the only option.


Only test agency approved kits are allowed for fitment, All the kits approved by the test agencies have to meet the performance & safety requirements. Domestic lpg cylinder is not allowed. The fitment has to be carried out by conversion centres which are authorised by the kit company (manufactured / imported) and approved by the regional transport authorities. The authorised centres have to meet the required criteria in terms of space & facilities available before the get the approval issued by the transport authorities.

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